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Understanding Online Slots Payouts

How Online Slots Works

If you came here to learn more about slots payouts – you’ve come to the right place. Online slot players have always tried to crack and learn more about the slot machines, and how to gain an advantage over it.

One of the parameters that people are most interested in is, of course – the payout percentage. Before we even getting to understand what the payout percentage is, let’s first understand how the slot machines work.

Every slot machine has a Random Number Generator (also called RNG), this is a computer program which has only one job – to generate random numbers.

The RNG chooses new random numbers several hundred times a second, and the number it picks is what decides if you win. It chooses one number at the exact second you’ve placed your bet, which means – everything is random.

It’s important to understand that every single spin of an online slot machine is random, and isn’t related to any other round in the slots machine that has ever happened before or will take place in future.

Except for the RNG, there’s another factor which decides whether you win or lose, and that’s the paylines – every slots game has its paylines, which are the combinations that will reward you once you land on one of them.

The payline is basically the roadmap the machine uses to decide how much it will pay on every combination that is possible. The chance of any combination coming up, and the amount of that combination pays when it does come up – is what creates the payback percentage of the machine.

So, the bottom line that you need to remember is: everything is random when it comes to online slots – every spin is independent of any other spin, and every spin you make – is random.

The Slots Payouts

So after we learned that every spin of a slot machine is random and is not related to any other spin made before, let’s get now to the payouts themselves.

The payout (the slot machine return percentage) controlled by the casino, which can decide how much money an online slots game returns to the players over time.

For example, a slot machine with a payback of 95% should theoretically give back 95% of the money it takes in throughout its lifetime – That’s the theoretical payout which also called RTP percentage (Return to Player).

Although all the spins are random, the machine isn’t always running at a fixed percentage – sometimes it can be higher or lower depending on the slots game last payouts.

For instance, if a slot machine hasn’t hit for a long time, or just paid out a big jackpot. This percentage called the actual percentage because it’s what the slot machine is actually running at.

It’s important to note that over time, the theoretical and the actual percentages will be very similar to each other because of the way that the RNG and the paylines have set up.

It’s very close to flipping a coin – the chances of getting tails or heads when flipping a coin are 50% for each other. But if you flip a coin ten times, will you get tails five times and heads five times? Maybe, but the chances are slim.

The theoretical payout, in this case, would be 50%, but if you’ve got tails six times and heads four times – the actual percentage would be 60% (of getting tails).

The chance of getting tails or heads on the next flip, however, will always be the theoretical chances (50% in this case).

Online slots payouts

Online slots payouts aren’t that simple because there are multiple combinations and a great return on investment when a player hit something.

With a coin flip, there’s a chance to double your money, but on a slot machine, you can turn £0.5 spin into £7,000 if you hit it, which makes hitting something that much less likely to happen. 

Someone will though, and eventually, all the money won and lost will end up being around the theoretical payout of the particular online slot machine.

So, we know that a 95% payout means the machine will pay back about 95% to players throughout its life. The higher the payout is, the more likely you’ll win when you play.

Here’s what a 95% payout doesn’t mean:

  • 95% payout doesn’t mean that 95% of the players who played in the slot machine will win. 

The 95% isn’t talking about rounds – it’s talking about cold hard cash. 

If 99 players each put £1 in the machine, and the 100th player puts in £1 and wins £95 – the online slots game has a 95% payout – 95 per cent of all the money put into the machine, in this case – £95 – paid back eventually.

  • 95% payout doesn’t mean that you’ll get back 95 per cent of what you put in. 

If you put in £95 and don’t win anything, and the next player puts in £5 and then wins £95, then the machine has a 95% payout. 

  • It doesn’t mean that the slots game has to give back £95 once it takes in £100. 

The outcomes are random, so the slots game really can’t dictate when it’s going to give the money back.

The conclusion is – the higher the payout slots game has, the better of your chances to win. 


Mia Burg
Mia Burg

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