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Online Roulette Rules And Odds

The game of roulette been created by the Italians over 400 years ago. It’s a game that worldwide is very popular, especially in the UK nowadays.

The game itself is pretty fun and easy to play and can be quite profitable if you know what you are doing. At the same time, there is a downside to the game – the house edge (true odds minus the odds that paid by the casino) is pretty high.

In most online casino table games, the house edge can get as low as 1% while in roulette tables, no matter how you play, it’s going to be over 5%. For instance, on every £1 you bet, you’re going to get £0.95 back over time which gradually will cause you losing money.

The truth is – players are not playing roulette that long – roulette is a game played not necessarily with a large buy-in amount, along with those big odds, players simply need to bet smartly and get a little lucky to win a lot, in a short period.

So, although online roulette is not the best game in percentage-wise, the odds make it a super exciting game, and that’s what attracts so many players to play this game.

The thrill that players get when the ball spinning on the roulette wheel is immense – and it’s pretty obvious why. When the ball swings around, and it’s slowing down, you know it’s going to land on a number soon, you’ve got your money on the number, you kind of hold your breath and if your number hits – there’s an outburst of joy that really can’t be beaten by any other casino game.

So roulette is a casino game that you need to know how to play (in order to be profitable) because it gives you to choose several options.

The surprising thing about roulette though is – of all casino games, it’s the most popular game worldwide and yet most roulette players have no idea really what they’re doing.

That’s exactly why we created a comprehensive guide on online roulette games, and how to play them right – to significantly increase your chances of success.

Roulette table

Let’s start by understanding how the roulette table looks and what each parameter on the layout means. So the table layout is made up of several types of bets: Outside bets, which gives you the option to bet On a large number of elements like colour, even numbers and rows.

Inside bets are bets made anywhere on the inside numbers (there are 36 numbers in total plus a zero -in European roulette, and a double zero – in American roulette).

Roulette Outside Bets
Roulette Inside Bets

Last but not least – the roulette wheel – The European roulette wheel has 37 pockets (1 to 36 and only one zero) while the American roulette wheel has 38 pockets (1 to 36 and double zero pockets).

The difference between the two is that the European has much better odds for the players (the house edge is just about 2.7%), The American roulette has a 5.4% house advantage because of the 2 zero pockets.

The roulette wheel itself positioned as follows: the colours red and black follow each other, so every number existing next to a different number will have a different colour, and the same colour will never appear next to each other.

For instance: you won’t see black next to black or double red pockets situated next to each other.

And what about the numbers you are wondering? In European Roulette, the numbers placed randomly, while in American Roulette the story is a bit different:

In American Roulette wheel, the numbers will appear in the following configuration: Zero and Double zero pockets placed in front of each other which “splits” the wheel in half.

Side 1 includes all odd numbers from 1-17 as well as all even numbers from 18 to 36 only.

Side 2 includes precisely the opposite: even numbers from 1-18 only, and 19 to 35 odds only.

Last but not least – the position of the numbers: each number has its consecutive number located in front of him on the other side of the wheel, but the order is random.

For instance: pocket with number 1 located in front of the pocket with number two.

Roulette wheel American and European

Let’s go deep into betting rules and every bet option on the roulette table to understand them much better:

Outside bets:

Column bets: bets on the entire row vertically, the first column covers every third number on the table, starting from 1 al the way up to 30.

The second column covers every third number starting from 2 and ending at 35. The third column covers every third number beginning of 3 and finishing off with 36.

Column betting payouts: each column pays two to one.

Roulette Column Bets

Dozen bets: bets on the entire box of twelve numbers, the first dozen covers 1 through 12, the second dozen covers all the numbers from 13 through 24, and the third dozen which covers all the numbers from 25 through 36.

Dozen betting payouts: each dozen pays two to one like column bets.

Roulette Dozen Bets

Even bets: covers all even numbers on the roulette table.

Odd bets: covers any uneven number on the roulette table. 

Even and Odd betting payouts: both bets pay one to one.

Roulette Even Bets
Roulette Odd Bets

Low numbers (1 to 18) bets: betting that the number will be between 1 and 18.

High numbers (19 to 36) bets: betting that the number will be between 19 and 36.

Low and high numbers betting payouts: both bets pay one to one (same as Even and Odd bets).

Roulette Low and High number bets

Red numbers bets: covers all red numbers on the table.

Black numbers bets: covers all black numbers on the table.

Red and Black numbers betting payouts: both bets pay one to one (same as Even and Odd as well as Low and High bets).

Roulette Red and Black bets

Inside bets

Betting on numbersbetting on a single number pays you 35 to 1 however, these are not the only bets allowed on roulette – players can bet the following bets on numbers: 

Betting on two numbers will pay 17 to 1, betting on three numbers pays out 11 to 1, betting on four numbers (also known as The Corner bet) pays out 8 to 1, and the last betting option – the six-line bet which is betting on six numbers pays 5 to 1.

Roulette betting on numbers

Odds and probabilities of roulette

The casino advantage for all bet types is the same, except the top line bet in American Roulette where the casino advantage is 7.9 per cent.

Probabilities of outcome for different bet types, of course, are different:

The bets that pay 1 to 1 (which is the low, even, red, black, odd, or higher bets) have a probability of happening of 48%.

Bets that pay 2 to 1 such as the column bets have a probability of happening of 31.6%.

The probability of winning if you bet on six numbers is 15.8% to 16.2%.

If you bet on four numbers, you have the probability of winning the bet with approximately 11 per cent.

When you bet on three numbers, the probability goes down to just about 8%.

Betting on two numbers will provide you with the probability to win with 5 to 6 per cent.

Not surprisingly, the bet that pays the most in the game of roulette is, you guessed it right – the bet on a single number, which pays out 35 to 1 and has a probability of happening of less than three per cent, which is why it pays such a high payout percentage.

Based on probabilities, it’s obvious that you’ll need more money when placing bets with lower probability.

Roulette Payouts

How to play roulette

So, after we have learnt the basics of roulette include the rules and odds of the game, let’s understand how to play the game:

Before we get to how to play the game, there is a critical parameter you should always be aware of: the table’s minimums and maximums.

Each roulette table has its minimum and maximum bets allowed, most of RNG (Random Number Generator) roulette tables offers about £1 minimum bet and up to £200 per bet.

For live roulette tables, the minimum bet required are usually higher and can start anywhere from £2 in a regular table and can get up to £10 in the high stakes roulette tables.

Same goes with the maximum wager allowed – usually, at live roulette tables, the maximum allowed bet is much higher than in the RNG and can get up to £5,000 in some cases.

It is crucial to check what is the minimum and maximum bets required on a particular table, to make sure that you can meet the requirements, as well as to play according to the size that suits you.

Roulette is a pretty simple game – all you have to do is to decide which bet to make before the ball spun by the dealer.

Once you make your bet, the dealer goes over to the wheel (which rotates in a counter-clockwise manner), spins the ball on the other direction and waiting until the ball dropping on a number.

Once the ball landed on a particular number, the dealer takes the “mocker” and puts it on the number the ball landed on, to mark the winning bet.

When the round is over, the dealer will then collect the losing bets and will pay to the winning bets following the payout percentages.

Quick tip:

Always pay attention to the latest results of the roulette table, to keep track of what recent numbers and colours have come out. It will help you place a better bet and increase your chances of winning.

For example: if you’re betting on black or red, and you see on the last roulette table results that black has come out six times in a row, there is a high chance (in terms of percentages) that the next rounds will bring out the red.

Same goes with even or odds numbers, lower or higher numbers and even rows – make sure you always track the last results – to make better decisions and bets.

In conclusion

Now that you understand better what a roulette table looks like, what are the chances of winning and how to play the game, it’s time to practice and play according to your ability and style.

Remember, no matter how experienced you are and how much you feel the next bet is a safe bet – the winning ratio is always in favour of the house (which in this case is – the casino).

Play wisely, be calculated, and most importantly – know when to stop.


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